Margot Walsh

Margot's work at Jebreen & Walsh LLP allows the legal professionals to focus on your legal problems rather than the day to day administrative requirements of running the business.

In addition to overseeing the administrative needs of our firm, Margot is instrumental in managing the firm's real estate practice. A real estate transaction involves significant paper work being exchanged on tight deadlines between several interested parties. Margot liaises with various banks, mortgage brokers, financial institutions, title searchers, title insurers, insurance brokers and many others to ensure that your purchase, sale or refinance is completed smoothly.

Outside of work, Margot spends time with her two children, helps them with their homework and drives them to their activities. Margot also teaches first year Physics part time at Carleton University.Originally from New Brunswick, Michael and Margot clash as to whether Nova Scotia or New Brunswick wins the award for best maritime province (Alexander Keith's vs Sussex Golden Ginger Ale ... the jury's still out). Margot graduated from the University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University with degrees in Physics. Margot moved to Ottawa in 1996 and worked for many years in the high tech industry as a product line manager. Margot enjoys working with her husband and is committed to excellence and the success of J&W Law.