A will is a document wherein, you, the testator, declare your wishes known after your death. Depending on your situation, you may wish to:

  • ensure that your loved ones inherit your estate
  • provide for the guardianship of your children
  • secure the financial future of your children with trusts
  • prevent the courts from determining who will be a beneficiary
  • prevent your former spouse from making a claim against your estate
  • reduce the risk of family disputes arising over your estate
  • reduce the likelihood of a successful challenge to your will
  • ensure the seamless transfer of your business interests
  • protect your assets from unwarranted taxation
  • limit potential probate fees payable by your estate
  • ensure that government assistance for you handicapped dependant does not cease or get reduced

If you pass away without a will you will have died “intestate”. In that case provincial authorities, the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, will determine who will inherit your assets in accordance with statute. Your opportunity to ensure that your assets and your loved ones are protected is now.

Jebreen & Walsh LLP will work with you to determine your particular needs and devise a plan that best meets your specific circumstances. During our first meeting, we will provide you with our will intake questionnaire which allows you to focus in on the issues that are important to you. You will need to consider who will be the executor(s) of your estate, who will be the beneficiaries, who will be the guardian of your children, what assets you want to pass on, whether a trust should be established in the event that one of your beneficiaries is a minor, whether special arrangements must be made for beneficiaries with disabilities, and a host of other questions.

Contact Jebreen & Walsh LLP to schedule a meeting or to obtain a copy of our will intake questionnaire. We will be happy to schedule a meeting at your convenience. We recommend that you consider your Powers of Attorney at the same time as your will.