Real Estate Refinance and Other

Refinancing of your home

There are many reasons that people have for refinancing their home or other real property. In any case we will work with you and your lending institution to close the deal.

Your lender will typically want assurances that the mortgage loan they are advancing to you is sufficiently secured by your property. In essence, your lender will require much of the same information that we would ordinarily obtain for a purchase to guarantee that no one else can interfere with their mortgage/charge security. Your lender will require us to perform searches, obtain (lender only) title insurance, and prepare and register the mortgage/charge documents. Your lender will instruct us to pay any existing mortgage debts and may require us to pay other parties such as your credit card companies.

Once you meet with your financial institution or mortgage broker, you must provide them with our firm's contact information so that they may forward us instructions. We will ask you to come to our office for an initial meeting to review our retainer agreement, verify your identity, discuss the details of your refinancing, discuss payments to be made from the mortgage funds advanced, and answer any questions you may have. Please note that some lenders have very stringent requirements which need to be fulfilled before they will allow us to release funds and this may result in unanticipated delays. If you require funds on a strict deadline, you should arrange your refinancing well in advance.

Other Real Estate Matters

Our real estate practice is not limited to purchases, sales, and refinances. There are numerous situations where you may find yourself in need of real estate services. Perhaps you need assistance registering or discharging a construction lien, or making a survivorship application where one joint tenant of a property has passed away, or changing the way in which a property is owned for estate planning or other purposes. The examples are simply too numerous to list but if you have a difficult real estate problem do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.