Real Estate Dispute

Are you involved in a boundary dispute with your neighbour? Has a neighbour's tree or other structure caused damage to you or your property? Is someone interfering with your reasonable enjoyment of land? Is someone claiming an interest in your land by an easement, adverse possession, or otherwise? Has a party to a real estate transaction backed out of your agreement of purchase and sale? Are you trying to reclaim your deposit on a failed real estate transaction? Has the home you purchased revealed a serious defect after you moved in?

Disputes involving property rights, lot boundaries, enjoyment of property or a failed real estate transaction are common.  These disputes can cause you considerable financial loss and seriously interfere with the enjoyment of your property. Jebreen & Walsh LLP has represented clients in several of these matters.

As with any legal claim, do not delay in contacting your lawyer as there are certain deadlines to meet. Contact us to discuss how we can help you resolve your property or real estate transaction dispute.