About Us

Jebreen & Walsh LLP, or J&W Law to our friends, was founded with the overriding goal of providing one-on-one high quality legal services to our deserving clients. Our mission statement, “Your Rights Matter” was chosen to capture the spirit of this goal.

We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients. Our firm has represented our clients in a wide range of legal disputes before the Court and in front of various other decision making bodies but we have also had the opportunity to assist with dispute resolution outside of these formal processes. We are focused on achieving your goals in the most efficient way possible.

We also provide many services in those areas of the law aimed at preventing disputes in the future. Our busy real estate practice, for example, is driven by our desire to ensure that your purchase, refinance, sale, or other transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible and will not lead to a dispute years down the road. We do not simply depend on measures such as title insurance to ensure your peace of mind.

Our services in the areas of wills, estates administration, and the creation of contracts all are driven by the same attitude. Let us protect your future interests. Go to the services page to discover some of our firm’s areas of practice.